One of our Canadian readers sent us this and told us about these STUNAD'S that run this restaurant in Canada.

Our response is to write a parody of what a REAL Goodfella might say about this if they saw it on their bill...

Listen up, Goodfellas in Toronto, you're about to get a lesson in carbon tax from a real wise guy. You think you can just slap a "carbon tax" on your customers' checks like some kind of shakedown? Think again, pal. This ain't how you run a legitimate operation.

First of all, let me school you on the carbon tax. It's supposed to be a government initiative to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, not a way to squeeze a few extra bucks out of your patrons. You're supposed to find ways to be more eco-friendly, not just pass the buck to your customers.

Here's what you're gonna do, capisce? You're gonna scrap that carbon tax fee and start doing your part to help the environment. You can start by reducing waste, using energy-efficient equipment, and sourcing your ingredients from local, sustainable suppliers. And if you don't, well, let's just say that you might find yourself swimming with the fishes.

So, take this advice to heart, Goodfellas, and remember that even in the restaurant business, it pays to be green. And if you don't, well, you might just find yourself with a one-way ticket to Palookaville. Capisce?

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CRIME SCENE! LOOK What These STUNAD'S In Canada Are WHACKING People With On Their Restaurant Checks!

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