Tesla announced opening its Supercharger network to carmakers who signed the NACS deal, beginning with Ford. The move caused controversies among Tesla owners, who don't see this move as beneficial. Owners of non-Tesla EVs are also intrigued about how this might work, so here's everything you need to know.
Tesla opened its Superchargers to third-party electric vehicles in selected markets a few years ago. The move started in Europe, where Tesla shares the same CCS2 connector with the rest of the industry. In 2023, Tesla also allowed owners of third-party EVs to charge at Superchargers fitted with a special adapter called Magic Dock. This involved installing the Tesla app and creating an account with Tesla. Charging pricing was higher for non-Tesla EVs, but owners could lower their rates by committing to a $12.99 monthly subscription.

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Tesla Superchargers Are Open To Ford EVs And Tesla Owners Aren't Happy

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