Talk about bad luck! In what could be the equivalent of the real-life representation of walking under a ladder, rapper Meek Mill took his newest ride out for a drive and crashed. Badly.
At least, that's the hint he's been dropping on social media. And you know what they say, if it's on social media, it must be true. Granted, that's not always true (far from it, actually), but it definitely holds where celebrities are concerned. And Robert Rihmeek Williams, or Meek Mill as we know him, is definitely a celebrity.
According to his most recent Instagram Story, Meek Mill took out his brand-new Hummer EV out for a spin and crashed. He doesn't offer details about the accident, but it was serious enough to knock one of the front wheels off by breaking the axle. If you also consider the fact that the Hummer EV is a monster of a truck, it'd take a serious impact to cause a dent this big.
"God telling don't crash out for the bustas ... ima listen[.] S*** knocked me out lol ... gmc the whole brake pedal slipped off my first time driving smh,"

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Rapper Crashes New Hummer EV On First Drive After Brake Pedal Fell Off

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