In a world where the future of transportation is increasingly electric, it's interesting to note that President Joe Biden has been pushing for the United States to transition to electric vehicles (EVs), yet he has never owned one himself. On the other hand, former President Donald Trump, known for his strong opinions on various issues, has owned a Tesla. An original Roadster in fact.

The Biden administration has made a significant push for the adoption of EVs, setting ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. However, Biden himself or any in his family have  made the switch to an EV, which could be seen as a disconnect between his policies and personal actions.
Did you know Trump has been an owner of an EV? We didn't.

So tell us, does Trumps take on the EV market have more cred since he has actually bought and owned one? In fact, if you do the research, the Donald has way more experience with cars and has always been a huge aficionado of some killer rides.


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Joe Biden Wants US To Only Drive EVs. But He Doesn't And Has Never OWNED One. What About Trump?

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