Byron Glover Jr., the host of the Drive 615 channel on YouTube and a well-known C8 Chevy "stocker," manages an exclusively fast E-Ray launch control attempt while on a visit to the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park (NCMSP) in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Chevrolet is notoriously slow to add Corvette models to the roster – the C8 Stingray with its revolutionary new mid-engine layout was announced in April 2019, but production officially began almost a year later in February 2020. The Z06 homologation vehicle was revealed in October 2021 and only arrived on the market as a 2023 model year, while the first-ever Corvette E-Ray, the first with AWD and a hybrid powertrain, was announced in January 2023 and more than a year later, it's still rarer than hen's teeth on the road.


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DRIVEN: 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray - A Performance Champion

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