A 34-year-old man in Kuwait had a near-death experience in an unbelievable accident when his reckless driving sent him on a brief flight 16 feet above the shallow waters of a sandy beach. The terrifying incident, involving a Toyota FJ Cruiser, was caught on camera, proving that the driver is lucky to be alive.
The short clip shows the blue-and-white FJ Cruiser driving on Abu Al Hasaniya beach in Kuwait. Initially, the SUV travels slowly very close to the shore, with the driver opening the door for an unspecified reason. Shortly after, the Toyota can be seen accelerating, with its left-hand-side wheels dipping into the water. A few maneuvers later, the uneven sandy terrain causes the vehicle to roll over as it moves towards the sea.


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WATCH: Driver Goes Flying in the Air After FJ Cruiser Does Crazy Rollover

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