I’m sure you have all heard that the world’s automobile fleet going from gasoline (and diesel) to electric is “inevitable” and that one reason we know this, is that people who switch from gasoline to electric aren’t “going back.”

Well, it may be time to re-test this assumption.  It had not been sitting well with me for a long while, seeing as I already knew someone who had owned hybrid, plug-in hybrid and BEV vehicles over the last decade and two, but is now back in the gasoline ownership camp. 

The argument by BEV advocates is that the number is zero.  Nobody is going back.  I concede that I don’t think it’s 100%, or perhaps even 90% or 80% -- but I do think it’s a meaningful percentage.

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BACK IN GAS? Large Numbers Of EV Owners Becoming CORD-CUTTERS And Going BACK To ICE Vehicles?

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