Where do cars go to die? Some end up in a scrapyard and are stripped down so parts can be sold on the used car parts market. Others end up in the crusher, and that is the end of it. Meanwhile, some get another chance at life when they shouldn't. But Audi has different plans for the cars no longer needed. The German carmaker created a program that allows saving and reusing materials from old vehicles. They call it the MaterialLoop.
Audi has been working on the implementation of a material loop as part of a recycling process, thus testing the circular economy potential of end-of-life vehicles for sustainable growth.
When they don't need a car anymore, they recycle it. They start the process by draining the fluids with the help of various types of suction pumps. Fluids are not recyclable. Thus, the engine oil, transmission oil, braking fluids, and fuel, if any, are all responsibly disposed of so they won't cause any harm to the environment.


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