Sideshows and street takeovers are a serious problem in Chicago and a new video suggests that they aren’t stopping anytime soon. Despite authoritative claims of new tactical developments with the aim of reducing these events, the participants appear unphased. This new video shows violence, multiple moving violations, disrespect of police officers, and even a physical fight between bystanders.
Sideshows are a big problem across the nation but the disregard for authority in Chicago is noteworthy. A video posted on March 26 shows several minutes of various takeovers. At one point a Camaro driver does donuts and a bit of drifting directly in front of a Chicago Police SUV. The officer begins to pursue the Chevrolet but bystanders, including the one filming the interaction, physically step between the two cars to prevent the officer from continuing the stop.


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WATCH: Lawless Chicago Street Take Over Participants Taunt Police Trying To Restore Order

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