Porsche engineers are proud people. They make some of the best cars in the world, and when anyone else challenges them, there will be a response. So when Tesla and Lucid started chasing the Taycan’s performance crown, Porsche had to respond. The result is a huge step forward over the original model. 
The updated electric sedan—called J1 II internally—promises big improvements in range and the fastest charging speeds of any EV on the market. (EPA figures for the new Taycan aren’t out yet, but Porsche claims WLTP range improvements of 35 percent.) Thanks to new cell chemistry, both the standard and larger “Performance Battery Plus” are more energy dense than before—83.6 kWh net for the base pack, 93.6 kWh for the bigger one—but other tweaks mean both are slightly lighter. Charging speed is also up, with the Taycan capable of up to 320 kW at the right station. 

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