Volvo recently built its last car with a diesel engine, but Toyota sees things differently. Although the popularity of the oil-burner has gone down in recent years, the Japanese automaker claims this type of engine still has a long future. Toyota Australia sales and marketing boss Sean Hanley believes that "diesel, despite popular commentary, is not dead. It's got a while to go, diesel, so it's not going to die off anytime soon."
Speaking with Australian magazine Drive, the executive said diesel remains "a very credible fuel source" especially in the case of heavy vehicles such as trucks and large SUVs. However, Hanley reckons the diesel engine needs to adapt to increasingly stricter emissions regulations to survive. It's why Toyota recently launched a Hilux with a mild-hybrid version of the 2.8-liter, four-cylinder turbodiesel engine.

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Remember When Toyota Pissed Off Environmentalists By Standing Behind Hybrids? Now They Say Diesels Have A Bright Future

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