The Tesla Cybertruck may have fallen short of some of Elon Musk's original promises, but it's still an impressive machine on paper. Then again, cars don't exist on paper - they exist in the real world, where pickup trucks are expected to do pickup truck things, like towing a trailer or a camper. We now have real-world performance information for the Cybertruck when towing a camper, courtesy of Bowlus, manufacturer of six-figure retro-styled camper caravans. Company founder and CEO Geneva Long took to her LinkedIn profile to share the range test results of the Cybertruck towing the Bowlus Volterra electric camper, with the Cybertruck only managing 160 miles of range, less than half its claimed unladen range and well below the performance of the Tesla Model X when towing the same trailer.

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Tesla Cybertruck Fails Miserably In Towing Range Test

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