Tesla was forced to halt Cybertruck deliveries after discovering a safety issue. According to several sources, the accelerator pedal cover may separate and get stuck behind a dashboard trim, causing an unintended acceleration problem. This is believed to have been the cause of several crashes.
Tesla is expected to ramp up Cybertruck production to meet the exceptional demand for the outlandish pickup. However, things don't look too good at the moment. Many Cybertruck reservation holders scheduled for delivery in the past days received a message from Tesla notifying them of an "unexpected delay." Although Tesla did not tell exactly what caused the delays, the Tesla community has actively shared insight into what caused the delays.
The stop sales order has been reportedly issued after discovering a design problem with the accelerator pedal. This may have been made worse by the floor-mounted accelerator pedal. This is unique in the Tesla lineup, all other models featuring a hanging accelerator pedal. The floor-mounted pedal requires the driver to put their entire foot on the pedal instead of just the top of the foot. Pressure must also be applied in a forward-upward direction.

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Tesla Issues Stop Sale On The Cybertruck

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