Currently, BMW is almost ready to 'tear up' the roads in two general directions – the all-new M5 sedan and Touring are coming with plug-in hybrid oomph under the hood, and the 'Neue Klasse' visions paint the picture for future EVs.
As far as the M5 series is concerned, while it won't escape the polemics regarding the current styling direction, it certainly won't be as controversial as current models like the M2, X2, M3, M4, iX, X7, XM, or the 7 Series and i7. Plus, it doesn't go to extremes like the 'Neue Klasse' – although the rumor mill thinks it might have a problem with its excessive weight.
Anyway, a lot of things are coming from BMW in the near future, including an interesting BMW-Rimac battery supply deal that will allow a full-circle moment for CEO Mate Rimac. As a side note, he started his journey across the automotive industry with electric BMWs done unofficially, and almost a decade and a half plus a Bugatti-Rimac corporation later, he's electrifying BMWs with new battery power all over again, though on a much larger scale.

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