The National Transportation Safety Board has found that Ford's hands-free highway driving assist BlueCruise was active during a fatal crash in February. Its investigation places one of the leading commercially available driving assist under scrutiny, and the outcome might jeopardize the future of automated driving tech in the United States.
The crash in question occurred on February 24 around 9:50 pm, when a Ford Mustang Mach-E traveling on Interstate 10 through San Antonio, TX rear-ended a stationary Honda CR-V. An NTSB statement reported by Reuters indicates a witness saw the Honda immobile in the road with its lights off before another vehicle impacted it, fatally injuring the Honda's driver. The NTSB has now reportedly confirmed that the Ford was being driven with BlueCruise active, adding that it's also investigating a second Mach-E crash in Philadelphia, PA where two were killed.

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NTSB Find Ford Bluecruise Was Active During Fatal Mach-E Crash

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