If you ask CEO Elon Musk, today’s latest round of Tesla layoffs is meant to cut costs and get lean for the automaker’s “next phase of growth.” But lately, even the most optimistic Tesla fan has to be wondering what the hell that even is. 
A few weeks back, Reuters rocked the electric car world when it ran an exclusive scoop: Tesla was abandoning the consumer-facing versions of its semi-rumored low-cost $25,000 EV project. Instead, the report alleged that the brand will focus on creating a Robotaxi version of that platform. Musk himself took to X (nee Twitter) to somewhat vaguely refute Reuters' claims. However, by the end of the day, Musk said that the Robotaxi would officially be unveiled on August 8.

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What Would Happen If Tesla Pivoted To Self Driving Electric Robotaxis?

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