Despite the news that EV sales growth is continuing to soften, leading some automakers to reel in their future plans, Kia continues to press onward. During its recent CEO Investor Day event, the brand revealed plans to charge ahead with its EV plans. Most pertinently for those waiting on cheaper electric options, the production version of the small and reasonably affordable Kia EV3 Concept will go on sale before the end of the year.
Kia’s CEO and President Ho Sung Song calls the brand’s push forward into EVs and hybrids as a drive to become a “sustainable mobility solutions provider.” This drive has not changed despite growing concerns about EV demand. The Korean automaker still wants to grow to 4.3 million units by 2030 (up from 3.2 million units globally), and expects 58% of those cars sold, to be electrified in some form.

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