When it comes to EVs, few automakers have expressed more skepticism than Toyota, the Japanese giant putting equal emphasis on hybrids, plug-ins, and even fuel-cell vehicles. Yet, after a slow start, Toyota has plans to roll out an assortment of battery-electric vehicles starting in 2026 and at least one of its familiar nameplates is now scheduled to go 100% electric.
Toyota earned plenty of kudos when it launched the world’s first mass-market hybrid-electric vehicle, the Prius, more than a quarter-century ago. At one point, the quirky little hatchback was the darling of green-minded celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and the best-selling vehicle in California. In recent years, however, Toyota has come under fire from environmentalists due to its avowed skepticism about battery-electric vehicles.

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Toyota Highlander To Become An EV Only Model

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