If one were to compile a list of the best electric crossovers, there is a solid chance the Toyota bZ4X might not be on that list. Frankly, at $44,420, the bZ4X doesn't do much— or anything— to stand out from the crowd. Its 201 horsepower, 252 miles of range, and slower fast-charging than many rivals make it a tough sell. It could be much more compelling if its price reflected its abilities. The good news is that Toyota has significantly dropped its leasing prices on this electric crossover, so much so that it might make hesitant buyers reconsider.
These lease deals depend on purchasing location, with some locales being considerably more affordable than others. For instance, buyers in the San Francisco Bay Area can find 2023 bZ4X XLEs for as low as $129 per month for 36 months, with $1,999 due at signing. This comes out to just $6,643 for three years. 

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Toyota Offers $119 A Month Lease Deal On Slow Selling bZ4X EV

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