If you think that this is just one more regular Tesla coming into the world, well… guess again. It's got flamethrowers, it's quicker than any Lamborghini (almost!), and it's called a Tesla Time Machine as if it has come back from the future to confuse the ICE die-hards.
Meet the TMC-12x, a sort of a DMC-12, but with a T standing for Tesla. It is basically a Model X Plaid, converted to replicate the iconic DeLorean from Back to the Future.
Even the wheels are almost identical to those of the DeLorean. The model is fitted with flux pans visible on both sides, leading to the rear, where the energy reactor sits up on the tailgate. Of course, you need that to travel through time, just as much as you need the flamethrowers that leave traces on the tarmac. It all happens when you push the relevantly dubbed "Flamethrower" button.


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