It’s no secret that the Lucid Air Sapphire is one rapid machine that can even blitz the Model S Plaid and Bugatti Chiron in a drag race, but now, a customer-owned example has taken things to the next level, breaking a world record for the world’s quickest sedan, covering the quarter-mile in a mere 8.930 seconds.
The Air Sapphire, driven by Brooks Weisblat of Drag Times, was consistently quick on the prepped drag surface. According to the Dragy software, 0-60 mph was completed in just 1.92 seconds, while the quarter-mile was done and dusted in 8.94 seconds, hitting the trap sensors at a speed of 154.85 mph. Add in a rollout, as manufacturers typically do, and the numbers look even more impressive.


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WATCH: Lucid's 1234HP Air Sapphire Takes On The Quarter Mile

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