This is automotive opulence taken to a whole new level. What you are looking at is the world's only Nissan GT-R covered in 24-carat gold known to exist and it has been for sale for ages. The model is currently on display in a showroom in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, at half the price it was several years ago.
One million dollars. This is how much this car was originally asked for. However, selling it seems to be an "impossible mission." The 2014 Nissan GT-R is dressed in 24-carat gold chrome. The model was unveiled in 2016 in the land of the rich, Dubai. The model has been popping out for sale every once in a while since then. We don't know how many times it was sold and if ever.
But we do know that it is an online sensation. Every single social media post announcing a new sale is accompanied by a gazillion likes and wows, and shares as if it belongs to everyone online. However, there is no information on who it belongs to right now.

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24 Carat Gold Plated Nissan GT-R Fails To Attract A Buyer - What Could Be The Problem?

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