By and large, EV users are often portrayed as very happy by the government talking heads. This narrative is supported by surveys and studies that highlight the overall satisfaction and positive experiences of EV owners. For instance, Plug In America's annual survey indicates that the primary motivation for EV owners to purchase the vehicle was environmental and air quality, with a significant portion of respondents indicating room for improvement with the shopping experience and public charging infrastructure.

However, it's important to consider the voices of actual EV owners and their experiences. While some may indeed be very happy with their EVs, others might have encountered issues or have specific concerns about EV ownership. The EV landscape is diverse, with various models and charging experiences that can impact individual opinions.

Now, let’s reflect on the EV owners we personally know. What percentage of them are genuinely happy with their EVs and plan to buy another one in the future? Share your PERSONAL thoughts and experiences.

By And Large EV Users Are VERY Happy Say The Government Talking Heads. What Do YOU Think The Percentage Is Of People YOU Know That Own Them And Will Buy ANOTHER EV?

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