Scout Motors plans to start production of two electric vehicles in 2026, building on the brand's great legacy. The models will be unveiled this summer, and the revived carmaker confirmed this will happen in August. The Scout EVs will compete head-on with Rivian's R1S and R1T, offering similar characteristics and capabilities.
Volkswagen found a treasure in its backyard, inheriting the Scout brand when its Traton subsidiary bought Navistar International. The German company has been trying to crack the US market for decades, mostly unsuccessfully. Since the hippie era, when the Bus and the Beetle became popular, no other Volkswagen model has sold in meaningful numbers in the US. The Germans hope to turn the tides with the revival of the Scout brand.
Volkswagen intends to build on Scout's great off-roading heritage with two rugged EVs, a pickup truck and an SUV. Although information about the upcoming models is sparse, all hints point to full-size models, thus competing in the most important US segment. This puts the Scout pickup truck a segment above the Rivian R1T, which is a mid-size pickup. However, Scout EVs are intended as all-purpose adventure vehicles with strong off-road capabilities, going head-to-head against the R1T on the trails.

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Scout Motors Begins Giving Details On Upcoming EV Off Roaders

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