Paris Hilton has come a long way from her Simple Life roots and the frenzy that she fed into for years afterward. In her more grown-up phase, Hilton transitioned to a world-famous DJ and savvy businesswoman, and as of 2021, a wife. She's also a mother of two kids under 2 right now, so naturally, her life reflects this drastic change.
Paris still has her bubblegum pink and unicorny holographic vehicles of yesteryear, showing an unexpected loyalty to cars she bought back in her wildest days – and customized to fit into her Barbie-like brand image. But as she grows as a human being, so does her fleet of custom rides. It now includes a proper mom van that Paris uses to ferry around her and Carter Reum's two kids, Phoenix and London.


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WATCH: Sociallite Paris Hilton Shows Of Her Mom Minivan And Immediately Causes And Uproar

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