Elon Musk is probably the world's most well-known CEO. Some may have heard of him because of Tesla, while others because of PayPal, Starlink, or his brief appearances in tabloid media. Now, the executive is once again the center of attention for a peculiar reason – dismantling a team that worked wonders for the world's most valuable automaker.
Two years ago, when Elon Musk was forced to keep his word and buy Twitter, we learned that the man likes to "move fast and break things." It wasn't us who said so, but Musk himself.
In a brief moment of unexpected transparency, we got a sneak peek into the world of a powerful person. That self-admitted management philosophy was a bit unexpected, but in the grand scheme of things, it made sense. After all, who else can lead so many important and profitable companies, invest in brand-new ventures, keep in touch with random people on social media, and start arguments with journalists, stars, and troll accounts?

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Fired Tesla Employees Call Elon Musk An Authoritarian CEO - Wasn't That Obvious From The Beginning?

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