You know how, when you finally find that garment or accessory that fits you like a glove and checks all your boxes for quality, cut, and price, and you rush to get a second item just like it but maybe in a different color? That's exactly like that, but with many more millions in the bank.
Kim Kardashian, reality star "royalty," self-titled but worldwide recognized trendsetter, budding actress, and near-billionaire media mogul, is not one to skimp on treats on herself. So, when she finds something that she positively loves and, perhaps more importantly, that she's guaranteed to get more attention for, she makes sure she gets two of the kind.
That seems to be the indication after her more recent public appearances, at least. Kim Kardashian loves her brand-new Cybertruck so much that she probably got a second one just like it but wrapped in matte black and with an all-black matching interior. For a woman who positively thrives on controversy, we wouldn't expect any less.

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Kim Kardashian Buys Second Cybertruck, This Time In Black

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