Italian authorities impounded 134 units of the Fiat Topolino at the port of Livorno due to a small sticker featuring the Mediterranean country’s flag on the bodywork of the tiny electric vehicle. According to the prosecutor, the tricolor flag could mislead consumers regarding the product’s origin, as it is manufactured in Morocco.
According to Article 4, paragraph 49, of Italy’s Financial Law of 2004, exporting or importing “products bearing false and misleading indications of provenance or origin” is considered a crime, as stipulated by Article 517 of the penal code. Interestingly, the “Made in Italy law” hasn’t been applied to other imported products of Stellantis, such as the Fiat 500, which displayed the Italian flag in the past despite being produced in Poland.

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Authorities Seize Shipment Of Fiat EVs Because They Had Italian Flags On Them

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