Hyundai and Kia didn't release statistics to reveal how many eligible owners installed the anti-theft update for the infamous Kia Boys vulnerability, but the companies say the patch has already been deployed on millions of vehicles.
That doesn't seem to be a problem for the Kia Boys. They're always trying to adapt, and now they've started breaking into cars without even caring if they're patched. If they're not, they do the classic thing and drive away in the vehicle, typically wrecking it minutes later. If they are, that's fine, they still record the failed carjacking, leaving damage worth hundreds or thousands of dollars behind.
Several readers told me following a recent Kia Boys story that the nightmare continues in their regions, with the Kia Boys, which includes teens as young as 10, breaking the windows of their cars for Internet views.

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Kia Boys Are Now Breaking Into Vehicles Just For Page Views On Social Media

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