It's not the first nor the last time this electric vehicle will be subjected to towing tests. Owners like showing off what their pricey pickup trucks can or, in this case, cannot do. But don't fall into detractors' traps. The Cybertruck is a bit more than meets the eye.
Tesla's first-ever battery-powered pickup truck looks like nothing else on the road today. No matter what you or I will say about it, this EV is, without a shadow of a doubt, cool. You don't have to agree with this assessment, but it is the truth. After all, what other automaker will sell you an edgy bullet-resistant pickup truck with rock- and Class-4 hail-proof glass? Besides, almost everyone stares at this stainless steel behemoth.
However, we cannot ignore a few facts that have made this vehicle's debut a bit controversial. It was launched for almost double the promised MSRP, with a battery pack that doesn't have impressive charging performance, without many features and accessories, and with a few shortcomings such as weak upper control arms, rust, or misaligned panels.


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WATCH: Video Reveals The Tesla Cybertruck Is No Workhorse

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