There's nothing more annoying than constant beeps and alerts from a vehicle, and Californian drivers with a heavy right foot may soon learn this. A new bill in the California Legislature aims to introduce legislation requiring all new cars sold in the Golden State by 2032 to notify drivers when they exceed the posted speed limit by 10 mph. The bill, which we first caught wind of in January, has now passed its first vote in the Senate.
If adopted, the bill would require 50% of new cars in California to be equipped with this feature by 2029. The system would notify the driver with audiovisual alerts, encouraging them to reduce their speed. Emergency vehicles would be exempt from this, says the bill. This follows the National Transportation Safety Board's recommendation for a speed-limiting system, known as intelligence speed assistance technology, using GPS location, vehicle cameras, and a database of posted speed limits to reduce speeding.

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California Bill Would Require Audible Alarms If You Exceed The Speed Limit

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