In the past few years, Tesla has fitted its electric vehicles with Ultra-Wideband chips that enhance phone key performance. However, researchers have found that Tesla EVs are still vulnerable to relay attacks despite the new technology. This allows thieves to steal a Tesla in seconds using cheap radio devices.
Tesla vehicles are not among the easiest to steal, thanks to the many safety features that are baked into the cars. Tesla software is among the most secure in the automotive industry, so getting access to it is difficult. Tesla also offers a PIN-to-drive feature that can prevent cars from driving unless the correct PIN is entered. Even if high-tech criminals manage to drive off with a stolen Tesla, the vehicle can still be tracked thanks to the standard GPS positioning. And because the tracking and communication device is integrated into the infotainment PCB, it's not easy to deactivate.

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Researchers Find It Is Easy To Steal A Tesla, The Problem Is Avoiding Being Tracked

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