Not that long ago, Fisker may have had a claim to being the most exciting EV company in the industry, with some calling the brand's Ocean the next Tesla Model Y. Things have changed since then. Fisker may be one of the greatest cautionary tales of the EV revolution, with a recent report that they're officially closing their Manhattan Beach headquarters and announcing a new round of layoffs. Factors contributing to Fisker's downfall include software issues, supply chain hangups, first-year bugs, and overestimation of public demand.
In any growing industry, you're going to see stories like this one. A boom in investment dollars will give rise to any number of products, organizations, companies, and services that may prove unsustainable once the initial excitement wears off. The light at the end of the tunnel: at least four different automakers are reportedly in talks to buy Fisker out, so the brand's innovative ideas, patents, and designs will likely carry over to new models in the future. If you've been following the Fisker story to this point, your biggest question may be what's going to happen with Fisker's announced electric car nameplates that never hit the market.

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DEATH WATCH: Who Is Going To Buy Defunct Fisker And Why?

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