Porsche's use of the letter "R" has always been a signifier of a more performance-oriented vehicle, dating back to the original 911 R of 1967, which was built for racing. However, when the Cayman R was introduced in 2011, some questioned whether it was deserving of the "R" badge, as it was not a significant departure from the Cayman S.

Fast forward five years to the release of the 911 R in 2016, and Porsche seemed to have learned from its previous decision. The 911 R, built upon the formidable GT3 RS platform, shed weight, retained the powerful 493 horsepower engine, and swapped the PDK dual-clutch transmission for a glorious manual gearbox. This iteration of the "R" badge was more in line with the original 911 R's racing pedigree.

So, is the 911 R worth 10x the Cayman R? It depends on what you value in a Porsche. The Cayman R is a focused version of the Cayman S, offering a sharper driving experience compared to the standard Cayman S, while the 911 R boasts a lineage directly tied to racing and offers a more powerful engine, improved handling, and a manual gearbox.

Ultimately, the answer lies in the eye of the beholder. For some, the Cayman R's more accessible price point and balanced mid-engine layout make it the more appealing choice. For others, the 911 R's racing heritage, enhanced performance, and manual transmission justify the higher price tag. So, dear reader, which would you choose? The Cayman R's refined balance or the 911 R's racing pedigree? The answer is as personal as the choice between a perfectly balanced martini or a fine aged whiskey – both are delightful in their own right, but it's up to you to decide which is the perfect fit for your palate.

YOU make the call...

YOU MAKE THE CALL! Is The Porsche 911R Worth TEN TIMES MORE Than The Cayman R?

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