Rental car company Hertz announced a change of plans after having tried to offer a greener fleet. Hertz is now trying to get rid of the EVs and is selling Teslas and other such cars with massive discounts.
Hertz is ditching its electrification strategy that it kicked off earlier this year and plans to sell around 20,000 electric cars currently in its fleet. The firm offers EVs for an average price of approximately $25,000. They have no choice, since used EV prices plummeted by as much as 31.8% this year, as reported by iSeeCars.
However, EV sales in the US more than quadrupled from 2020 to 2023, and currently account for more than 9% of the total passenger car sales. But the demand is melting and carmakers have pulled the brake on EV development, prioritizing ICEs and hybrids.
Selling a massive fleet of EVs is going to be a lot of work for the rental car company considering that, back in 2021, it made an unprecedented deal with Tesla for 100,000 examples, months after filing for bankruptcy, listing $18 billion in debt, on May 22., 2020.

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Looks Like Hertz Is Purging It's Inventory Of Almost All EVs Flooding The Market With Massive Discounts

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