Many people believe that a very large high-riding vehicle can provide better all-around protection in case of a crash. Unfortunately, the Institute for Insurance and Highway Safety (IIHS) tested a few of them for the first time, and the findings go against that public belief. Jeep scored a minor win, though!
The IIHS put multiple copies of the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer, the 2024 Ford Expedition, and the 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe through their series of updated safety tests, and the results could be safely considered a wake-up call for those who still believe that immense three-row SUVs can protect family and friends better than a midsize SUV or a crossover.
The Institute's Top Safety Pick+ award is given to vehicles that pass all the updated tests with flying colors, including offering protection to those sitting in the second row and pedestrians. Automotive technology has evolved considerably in the past few years, enabling companies to introduce more sensors, airbags, cameras, radars, modules, and impressive computers that can form a sort of life-saving and injury-avoiding protection shield.

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Size Does NOT Matter: IIHS Data Reveals Full Sized SUV Are No Safer Than Midsized Crossovers In A Crash

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