Everybody believed the Kia Boys would stop stealing cars once Hyundai and Kia released an anti-theft patch, but this is so not what happens in the United States these days when teens keep wreaking havoc in their communities.
The Albuquerque Police Department recently confirmed that an 11-year-old boy, a member of the infamous Kia Boys gang, was arrested after a series of crimes that you wouldn't expect from someone so young.
It all started on May 5 when the 11-year-old boy stole a Kia Forte. The police recovered the car the same day, but it didn't take long for the teen to find another unpatched Kia. Seven days later, the boy and a group of friends were seen throwing rocks at homes, eventually injuring one person.
The juvenile didn't stop there, so on May 17, he stole another Kia and drove directly into a business. The collision wrecked the car and produced significant damage to the store.

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11 Year Old New Mexico Kia Boy Won't Stop Stealing Cars

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