The State of Virginia will abandon Californian emissions rules at the end of this year, reports the Associated Press. Governor Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, announced the change, citing a recent attorney general opinion issued last week. Attorney General Jason Miyares said that Virginia is not required to adhere to the new mandates from the California Air Resources Board, which will come into play on January 1.
In a statement, Youngkin said Virginians should be able to buy the vehicle they need and noted that the government telling citizens what car they should buy is "fundamentally wrong." California plans to phase out the sale of ICE-powered vehicles, with ever-increasing requirements coming in, encouraging consumers to purchase vehicles like the Tesla Model Y instead of inefficient gas-powered trucks and SUVs. By 2035, 100% of all new cars sold in the state will be electric. On January 1, 2024, 50% of vehicles purchased by state and local agencies must be zero-emission.

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Virginia Will Abandon Stricter California Emission Rules Stating Mandating What People Drive Is Fundamentally Wrong

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