We finally know why Toyota's twin-turbo V6s are self-destructing: There's machining debris from the manufacturing process stuck inside. These tiny bits of shrapnel force main bearing failures, which can lead to engine knock and, eventually, total shutdowns. The news broke nearly two weeks ago when Toyota issued a recall for 2022-2023 Tundras and Lexus LX600s, and now, dealers are refusing to take those trucks as trade-ins due to the recall.

The trend was first spotted by Pickup Truck and SUV Talk, who spoke directly with a handful of Tundra owners. One tried swapping their truck for a 2024 GMC Sierra AT4X but was told no by Castle Automotive Group in McHenry, Illinois. A forum user was denied when trying to trade for an older 2020 Land Cruiser, simply because dealerships don't want to sit on the trucks while Toyota issues an official fix. There's no timeline for that yet, but some speculate it could be a total long-block replacement.

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Toyota Quality Has Dipped So Low That Dealers Are Refusing To Take Tundras As Trade Ins

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