The Tesla Cybertruck market is rich and several sellers are still asking over MSRP. If one seller’s experience is any indication, that extra cash might be for the hassle of getting rid of the truck. He’s now charging prospective buyers a $1,000 deposit on Facebook’s Marketplace simply to test drive his electric truck, after so many tire kickers inquired about it.
That seller is Mr. Roberts and he has driven his Cybertruck roughly 600 miles (965 km) since delivery. Evidently, it took almost no time for it to become a big hit in his household. “Only took [the] wife like a day to fall in love with it,” he tells Carscoops. “[The] kids drive it more than me and all their friends come over to enjoy.”

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Man Puts Cybertruck Up For Sale  - Charges $1000 Per Test Drive

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