The world's biggest battery manufacturers, BYD and CATL, will soon ship lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery cells that can be charged from zero to 100% in ten minutes. CATL will ship 6C-capable Qilin 2.0 batteries by the end of the year, while BYD will have its Blade 2.0 batteries with similar charging performance in the second half of 2024.
Having started as inexpensive cells for entry-level electric vehicles, LFP battery cells are poised to dominate the EV industry as the performance choice. The LFP chemistry has been constantly improved, with the best LFP cells almost on par with NMC cells regarding energy density. However, they appear to gain an edge in fast charging, with record 6C rates that would allow them to fully charge in 10 minutes.

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Chinese BYD And CATL Suppliers To Have EV Batteries That Can Charge In Just 10 Minutes

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