When you set out to protest in a way that might actually land you behind bars for intentional damage of private property, it would be ideal if you got the job done right before you faced the consequences. A couple of protesters from Just Stop Oil failed to do that, and they're now being roasted for it.
Pop star Taylor Swift is now on the European leg of her massively successful Eras tour, and the controversy around the carbon footprint of her private jet travels continues. It's not the carbon footprint of the tour that's coming under fire, but rather Swift's choice to travel between stops onboard her private jet – a choice eco-activists believe unnecessary and shameful.
This isn't the first time that Swift comes under fire for her love of traveling by private jet. In fact, as universally adored as she seems to be for anything related to her music and other artistic endeavors, she can't seem to win with environmental activists, who keep pointing out her excessive, usually unnecessary travels by private jet.

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Climate Terrorists Target Taylor Swift's Private Jet But Paint The Wrong One By Mistake

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