Back in July 2022, Mercedes-Benz USA recalled no fewer than 16,475 vehicles over a routing deviation in the transmission wiring harness. Tension on the harness might cause the insulation to be pulled back, leading to a short circuit. In addition to reworking the electrical connector on affected vehicles, Mercedes-Benz USA dealers were also required to optimize the routing of said harness with an additional bracket.
As far as vehicle production is concerned, April 2022 saw the German automaker increase cable length and optimize transmission wiring harness routing. However, that was not enough. Back in April 2023, the company became aware of a field report describing a corroded electrical connector in a vehicle that had the aforementioned remedy completed. Initially, the Stuttgart-based manufacturer concluded that said corrosion was nothing more than an isolated, anomalous event.

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Mercedes Recalls Previously Recalled AMG Vehicles For Short Circuits

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