As it turns out, Tesla's first-ever pickup truck is a hit. Despite its many drawbacks and high price, in Q2 2024, it outsold the Rivian R1T, the Ford F-150 Lightning, and the Chevrolet Silverado EV. It seems that the Texas-based marque's bet is paying off. People like the triangle on wheels. But that doesn't mean experienced mechanics like Scotty Kilmer won't give it a brutally honest review.
If you don't know who Scotty Kilmer is, then you're either young or found some other mechanic-turned-YouTuber who helped you discover the automotive realm and everything that it entails. Essentially, he was among the very first to give netizens free car advice. Tens of millions have seen what he had to say.
But because he's so well-versed in this domain and due to his numerous pretentiously titled videos, most people have forgotten that Kilmer was a legend. It's also true that many chose to ignore the content creator. However, nothing has stopped the mechanic from sticking to a strict uploading schedule.


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WATCH: YouTube Fanatic Scotty Kilmer Gets His Hands On A Cybertruck

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