The power levels and especially the autonomy are excellent, specifically for the Ford Capri RWD Extended Range - and the fastback version of the new Explorer EV also looks surprisingly good. Just don't try to connect it to the original Ford Capri.
The latter was a mid-size fastback coupe produced by Ford of Europe and designed by Philip T. Clark, one of the designers involved with the groundbreaking Ford Mustang. It was intended as the Old Continent's counterpart of the latter and used the underpinnings of the Mk2 Ford Cortina with great success – equipped with inline-four, V4, and V6 engines, it sold almost 1.9 million units across a single generation.
It was never officially replaced after it concluded its official run from 1968 to 1986, but its spiritual successor arrived in the form of the 1994 Ford Probe and is now the reinvented, modern Ford Capri Coupe-SUV. It's not uncommon for Ford to morph into a passenger car. However, they did the same in America with the Maverick, originally a compact hatchback and now a unibody compact pickup truck.

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The Ford Capri Returns But Is Nothing Like It Was Before

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