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Everyone knows the current Infiniti Q45 has had less than a stellar performance in the marketplace since its introduction as a 2002 model.

It wasn’t a bad car.

In fact, it had a lot of nice features for its time and has been a very reliable ride.

But the design lacked emotion and compared to the competition, it just didn’t perform anywhere near to its peers.

So the rumors have been circling that it would be discontinued and another would not be built…until now.

The rumor mill says the next Q is back on and the company will be making an official announcement in the near future, with a concept shown soon thereafter.

To say they are faced with quite a challenge regaining any sort of prestige in this marketplace, is the understatement of the century.

So why don’t we give them some help so they have half a fighting chance?

First, we will make our recommendations of what they need to do and offer on the next version.

Then we will open the discussion up to you, our loyal readers, to tell them what they need to know as the car is being developed…

AutoSpies.com recommendations to the Infiniti Q45 team:

1. The philosophy of the next car HAS to be that the benchmark is to be better than the current LS, S, A and 7 by a fairly wide margin, otherwise just give up on it now, because anything less will be a failure.

2. The exterior and interior design has to be EXTREMELY forward thinking and create a new paradigm in the luxury sedan market (Maybe a cooler, more functional interpretation of the Aston Martin Rapide).

3. The car will have to give more standard features and equipment gadgetry and be priced AT LEAST 10% less than the competition.

4. The quality of materials cannot be short-cutted in any way, shape or form.

5. The launch and main marketing campaign has to be world class and have a conquest component built in from day one to get current owners of other product a huge incentive to come back over to Infiniti.

Aside from that, there is no pressure ;)

p.s. The photos here were the original design sketches from the 2002 Q45

OK, Spy guys and gals…time for you to chime in here and give them your suggestions and recommendations…

What does the next generation Infiniti Q45 need to have, to get back in the game?

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