It doesn't seem so long ago when Infiniti came out of the gate with the original Q45.

I remember seriously considering it before I decided on the original Lexus LS400.

At the time, it was the BMW of the two vehicles because performance was emphasized more than luxury.

It had great performance and build quality but I could not warm up to the exterior design.

And once Lexus had the lead, Infiniti has been trying to play catch up ever since.

But no matter what they do, it doesn’t seem like they have had the right recipe to seriously get back in the game.

The Q has always been good.

Just not good enough.

So the buzz over the last few years is should they or will they ever bring back a Q45?

The question is if they can make money after they invest do much to do a new vehicle?

And is there a market for them with all the others in the space.

Maybe we have a better idea for them.

Why not do what BMW did in China?

How about a long wheelbase M45 instead of a Q?

Call it the M50L.

Put the most powerful engine in it and load it up with great features and interior quality, compared to the competition..

A lot less development cost and then they would have a product that no one else has in the USA so they could own the market?

And you could undercut the price of the LS and the others.

Is it pimp?

The Spies want to know what you think of this idea…

Should Infiniti bring back the Q45? Or is there a better solution?

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