For the past few years now, Mazda has been giving us boldly styled prototypes, but these liquid lines have been slow to make it into production. For 2009, Mazda is finally launching a model graced with a cleaner version of this liquid styling and a rare elegance.

The first generation of the 6 enabled the manufacturer to successfully reposition itself in the mid-size sedan market, and this new version is upping the ante. Having corrected most of the first model’s minor defects, the manufacturer is now offering a car that just might turn the class on its head.

Taut down to the last line, the body recalls the design’s conceptual origins. The roof line is particularly striking. Diving down from the B pillar, it flows into the trunk line and amplifies the sense of liquid movement, with the added benefit of making the car seem more slender. The exhaust tips integrated into the bumper give a palpable impression of luxury. Too bad that they’re not an integral part of the exhaust system. The fog lights don’t sit well in the front fascia, as the mousy grey framing contrasts too much with the rest of the body, especially since the colour doesn’t make another appearance.

Other than that, the car has taken a healthy evolutionary step forward from the previous generation. Its main sporty traits have been enhanced and the overall quality has been maintained. The cabin has also matured, displaying Mazda’s characteristic styling elements with a nod to the RX-8 in the form of the dash.

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2009 Mazda 6 GT-V6 Review

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