Ladies and gentlemen, here, in all its cladded glory, is your first peek at the next-generation 2011 Mercedes CLS-Class. Although the front remains out of site in each of the pictures, the back and sides are all clearly visible, and they reveal... well, they don't reveal a whole lot. Like the current CLS, it's evident the 2011 CLS will retain its E-Class underpinnings, while a larger rear window is also visible. Other than that, however, it's still far too early to tell what lay in store for the next four-door coupe's styling.

As for engine variants, expect the usual V6 and V8 suspects along with a hybrid option, while topping out the range will undoubtedly be a finely tuned AMG variant.

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2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS Prototype Spotted In The Wild

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