This semi-regular column is written (in his own blood) by an automotive sage and noted malcontent, known as The Mechanic. Mercilessly beaten as a child with rolled-up back issues of old car magazines, our free-spoken hero developed a unique "for your own good" take on cars and the auto industry, along with an unfortunate habit of setting himself ablaze. Later, after a distinguished career as an automotive journalist and magazine editor, he cast off the reins of his musty oppressors, carved out his superego with a plastic spork and became The Mechanic.

Two weeks ago I wrote about the importance of being optimistic in these troubled times. And I stand behind the sentiment contained within those wonderfully crafted 690 words. But don't misunderstand, optimism should be also be selectively doled out.

Sure the future looks bright, but not everything is great. In fact, during the inescapable 24 hour news cycle, many things get overrated. Too many things. And since I like the sound of my own thoughts I thought I'd make a list of those things.

I expect many of you to disagree with me on many of these, but remember, if you do, you're wrong.

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Edmunds -  The Overrated List of 2008

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